1. Ellen Degeneres and the A. Quincy Jones Brody House

The stunning Brody house features beautiful black and white terrazzo floors.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Brody House, the legendary home by A. Quincy Jones is a monument to terrazzo. Famous for its sleek use of black and white terrazzo, its graphic interiors are still revered. The breathtaking Brody House also has a famous past. In addition its original Matisse, in 2014 Ellen DeGeneres bought the house, and a few months later Napster founder Sean Parker swooped in and made her an offer she couldn't refuse: $49.5 million and it was sold again.

2. Mandy Moore's Pristine Pasadena Mid-Century

Mandy Moore used terrazzo throughout the space, using a subtle scale on the floor and a more decorative color and scale as a custom mantle.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Mandy Moore understands very well how beautifully terrazzo and mid-century architecture work together. In her recent thoughtful restoration of 1950's bungalow by Harold B. Zook in Pasadena California, Moore created an updated version of the go-to midcentury flooring by adding a brass detail. The terrazzo floor is consistent with the architecture of the time but Mandy brought it into the 21st century.

3. Meryl Streep's Mid-Century Gem

The terrazzo entryway of Meryl Streep's mid-century Pasadena home

Courtesy of Trulia

Meryl Streep's home is located on one of Pasadena's most prestigious streets, includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and was designed by lesser known midcentury architects Whitney Smith and Wayne Williams. This classic 50's bungalow has beautiful naturally colored terrazzo throughout.

4. Vidal Sasson's Neutra Beauty

This iconic home by Richard Neutra, know as the Singleton House, it was commissioned in the mid-'50s by industrialist Henry Singleton. The magnificent home situated at the top of Mulholland Drive is now owned by the famed hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

In the 1950s, Richard Neutra and other modernist architects specified terrazzo in their designs, and by the '60s, it covered floors in houses across the Southeast and Southwest. This durable and beautiful composite material became the floor of choice for its decorative and functional excellence. The mid-century greats like Neutra, Lautner and A.Quincy Jones all favored terrazzo as a versatile and beautiful building material that seamlessly blended the indoors and out.

5. Rooney Mara's Terrazzo Expanse.

Rooney Mara's home has expansive pristine terrazzo floor.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

This steel, glass and terrazzo house that Rooney bought from fellow actor Alexander Skarsgård, was designed by architect Phil Brown and built in 1963. The open plan home has two bedrooms and two baths and an office. The home is 2,340 square feet and there are two walls of floor-to-ceiling glass and a cantilevered wraparound balcony, which has panoramic views of LA.

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