The 10 Best Leopard Interiors

Whether you're experimenting with maximalist mixing or layering neutrals, these spaces will give you the jolt of inspiration you've been looking for.

Photo: Pascal Chevallier, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

When it comes to embracing a #beyondthebeige approach to decorating, animal prints play an important role. They can be both loud and subtle, colorful and neutral. Sometimes, they're the focal point of a room, and other times, they're chic background noise. Leopard is arguably the most noteworthy of the bunch, so we've rounded up our favorite interiors that incorporate the spotted statement.

Feminine and Fierce 

Photo: Fran Parente, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

For this New York jewel box, interior designer Patrick McGrath sourced a leopard sofa from gallerist Michael Bargo. We love how the vintage floral rug and sumptuous velvet pillows give the room a playful femininity.

Going Green

Courtesy of House & Garden

We are obsessed with animal prints in unexpected colorways. In this London home, designer Beata Heuman opted for a striking green leopard print. The bold fabric feels fresh against the modern geometry of the floors.

Fabulous Among Neutrals

Ottoman by Allen Kirsch, Courtesy of La Dolce Vita Blog

Here, leopard takes a moment to shine against a carefully selected palette of textured neutrals. On an ottoman, the print ties the room and its materials—leathers, wovens, and velvets—together.

Hollywood at Home

Courtesy of The Inside

When paired with our Banana Palm Wallpaper, leopard feels like a glamorous nod to Old Hollywood. Here, the fabric rests on a pair of Cube Ottomans.

Floor to Ceiling Chic 

Photo: Melanie Acevedo, Courtesy of domino

"Pattern on pattern" is one of our favorite phrases, especially when it refers to an elegant leopard space like this one. Take a page out of this designer's playbook and create a stylish gallery wall; it breaks up the pattern repetition, so guests don't feel overloaded with print.

A Fresh Take

Courtesy of The Inside

The great thing about leopard: you can source it for most surfaces in varying shapes and sizes. A subtle leopard rug offers the perfect backdrop for this space's boldest elements: a Canary Velvet Bench and a poppy Lanai Pillow in mandarin.

Cozy and Considered 

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Animal print radiates warmth. Here, Ken Fulk uses leopard to create a cozy (and ultra-chic) escape. The rich caramel and brown tones of leopard print will make any space feel all the more inviting.

A Whimsical Approach 

Courtesy of House and Garden UK

In the home of interior designer Rachel Chudley, color and whimsy reign supreme. Her leopard print sofa features an abstract interpretation of the print, which brings us to our next point: closely study the marks and color values of the leopard you're considering. Some offer a more literal interpretation of the animal's beauty, while others approach the spots with a loose brushstroke.

Iconic Spots 

Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby's/Art Digital Studio, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Madeleine Castaing's country home offers one of the most celebrated leopard interiors. Her wall-to-wall carpet features a sophisticated leopard print that pairs beautifully with her striking palette of blues and greens.

Mixing Prints

Luke White, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

A striking wallpaper and a piece of leopard furniture do not have to fight. In different scales and complementary colors, they exist harmoniously—further proof of the animal print's versatility.

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