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See How This Charleston Designer Mixes Our Newest Print

Introducing our latest and greatest navy, the Muki Dot...

When developing our latest print (ICYMI: we're all about reimagining navy this year), we turned to our friend Melissa Sutton of Charleston, South Carolina. She is the creative force behind Plum Collective—an interiors consultancy known for its edited look and celebration of 20th century furniture design—and our latest master of the mix.

We asked Sutton to pull three different looks for our newly launched Muki Dot, a print we developed in collaboration with the artist-turned-designer. Noting inspiration from travel, art, and philosophy, she remarks: "Lately, I've been heavily influenced by Eastern philosophies, and I share that influence with one of my favorite artists, Agnes Martin, who herself pulled from these same philosophies to create her art."

Below, you'll see how Sutton mixes this "new navy"—a gentle, yet precise collection of rings.

Ecelctic Graphics 

Swatches: Muki Dot, Bone, Anni By Christene Barberich

Here, Sutton sits the Muki Dot alongside a textured neutral and Anni By Christene Barberich—a mustard pattern that pays homage to Anni Albers' prints. The tight linework of Anni exists in harmonious opposition to the round, repeated spot.

Trad With A Twist 

Swatches: Moss Velvet, Muki Dot, Bone, Vintage Patchwork

For her second grouping, Sutton brings Vintage Patchwork and Moss Velvet into the mix. The layered, dusty indigo florals of the Vintage Patchwork elevate the assortment, offering an antique-inspired appearance that nicely complements the edited Muki Dot. And the Moss Velvet offers a luxurious, verdant pop!

Expressive Blues 

Swatches: Muki Dot, Bone, Dusty Blue Sperduti

In this final collection, she features the Muki Dot alongside Dusty Blue Sperduti (if you've read this far, you're getting a sneak peek before today's launch). The expressive terrazzo-inspired print includes navy specks that converse well with the Muki Dot's rich ground color.

Can't get enough of the Muki Dot? Browse Sutton's collection, and personalize your own printed piece.

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How to Style Banana Palm 3 Ways

See how designer Fawn Galli masters the mix with our Banana Palm.

Banana Palm: the print that recalls tropical paradises and makes you feel instantly happy. The iconic print's history is (no surprise) pretty fabulous, so we asked one of the most fabulous interior designers we know to mix it three ways.

Postmodern Paradise

Swatches: Deep Blue Sperduti, Moss Velvet, Blue Color Block Stripe by Peter Som, Banana Palm

For her first story, Galli chose "three very different patterns connected by a palette of navy, green and earth tones." We love how she treats the leafy motif like a postmodern print, pairing it with our terrazzo-inspired Sperduti pattern, an oversized color block stripe by Peter Som, and an injection of moss green. "The power of the clash keeps everything vital and vibrant. A range of visual textures keeps the eye moving and excited," Galli remarks. Overall, this mix feels very cool and unexpected.

Eternal Vacation Vibes

Swatches: Citrine Cabana Stripe, Blush Poppy Corsica by Christene Barberich, Coral Velvet, Banana Palm

As you already know, 2019 is all about coral. Here, Galli selected "tropical corals [to] balance and brighten the Banana Palm." The mix includes coral velvet, Corsica by Christene Barberich, and our classic Cabana Stripe in citrine – another pattern evocative of a seaside escape. "I love to pop a pattern against soft solids and textures," comments the designer.

Tonal Treatment

Swatches: Branches by Peter Som, Mint Check, Ink Ivory Block Stripe by Christene Barberich, Banana Palm

"I love to mix pattern, color, and texture. To ensure that this combination was chic, I mixed bold with calming grey tones." This edited palette enables Banana Palm to really shine. The mint green check plays up the lighter shades of green in the palm print. And while the branches and block stripe make a statement, they take a back seat given their muted color stories.

Photo: Mark Segal

Mix It Like a Pro: Cliff Fong

The founder of Matte Blacke Inc. and Galerie Half knows a thing or two about mixing design.

Cliff Fong is a go-to designer among the stars, known for pulling together a modern mix of important 20th Century design, fine art, and vintage finds. His laid-back style is sought after by everyone from Ellen Degeneres to Jason Biggs. Read on to see Cliff's pattern selections from The Inside and learn how he mixes them together.

As an interior designer, Cliff creates unique, personal, and often unexpected environments. He approaches design in an interdisciplinary fashion, looking to both fine art and 20th century design to create curated residential and commercial spaces.

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Robert Maxwell

Mix It Like a Pro: Anthony Sperduti

Anthony Sperduti is the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Partners & Spade. The firm's branding, retail and marketing clients include Warby Parker, Allbirds, Peloton, Harry's Razors, Whole Foods, Shinola, and The Inside. See the mix that he curated from The Inside's assortment below along with photos of his inspiring apartment.

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Megan Boltz

Mix it Like a Pro: Sarah Storms

Sarah Storms is an experienced writer, stylist, and photo art director. She has worked in the creative department at Tory Burch and as a market editor for ELLE DECOR, Veranda, and House Beautiful magazines. Today, the Maine-based creative is a partner at her own firm SGB Made. See her inspiration as well as the "mix" she curated from The Inside assortment.

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