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6 Delightful Last-Minute Gifts (No Shipping Necessary)

Procrastinators, read on. The entire list can be purchased from your iPhone with ease.

Photo: JFK Library

For the Food and Wine Guru

Photo: Vinebox

Tired of gifting a favorite bottle of wine? Unsure about your Secret Santa's preferences? Vinebox offers a creative alternative, sending quarterly wine flights that are tailored to one's taste. This year, we're sending a subscription to the food and wine gurus at our table. The best part? All gifts are sent via e-mail. Perfect for procrastinators in a pinch.

For the Art Historian 

Photo: Scott Lynch, Courtesy of Gothamist

At The Inside, we're always looking for visual inspiration. And nothing beats browsing a collection IRL. To many of our friends in New York, we're gifting a membership to The Whitney (and hoping they invite us to see Warhol before March 31). Giving a museum membership is easy and thoughtful, and it doesn't matter where the lucky recipient lives. From the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia to the Hammer Museum in LA, there are amazing options across the country.

For the Know-It-All  

Gone are the days of hardbacks collecting dust in the corner. A subscription to Audible is the way to go. The recipient is probably getting AirPods from somebody else, so this audiobook library is the perfect complement.

For the Design Enthusiast  

Photo: The Inside

For loved ones who are always decorating, keep it simple with a Digital Gift Card to the internet's newest design destination, The Inside. No need for mind-boggling guesswork; let your favorite aesthete personalize a patterned piece. Order from your iPad while you sit by the fire.

For the Globetrotter 

Photo: Dean Owen, Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Always on the move, the world traveler doesn't want or need more "stuff". We suggest transferring airline points to their account. Seamless, digital, and unconventional.

For the Altruist  

Though often overlooked, making a donation to a charity is the perfect last-minute gift. We could make suggestions, but here's our best advice: choose a cause that feels especially meaningful to the receiver.

Time's almost up! Happy Shopping :)

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