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Mix It Like a Pro: Anthony Sperduti

Anthony Sperduti is the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Partners & Spade. The firm's branding, retail and marketing clients include Warby Parker, Allbirds, Peloton, Harry's Razors, Whole Foods, Shinola, and The Inside. See the mix that he curated from The Inside's assortment below along with photos of his inspiring apartment.

Robert Maxwell

The right print or pattern evokes a feeling

Square Back Bed in Pink Blocks By Christene Barberich, Throw Pillow in Ink Melio, and shots from Sperduti's NYC apartment

Photo: Gieves Anderson

"Design that explores vernacular but isn't defined by it excites me. Like a good film set that places the viewer into another world, the right print or pattern goes beyond mere decoration but evokes a mood and a feeling." -- Anthony Sperduti

A bespoke interior.

Throw Pillow in Banana Palm, Modern Screen in Green Hopscotch By Clare V. and shots from Sperduti's NYC living room

Photo: Gieves Anderson

"'The clash or harmony of multiple patterns can then go further into defining a unique world that becomes bespoke to that particular interior." -- Anthony Sperduti

Mixing tonal colors always delivers.

Tuxedo Chair in Aqua Velvet, Square Pouf in Sand Melio, and shots from Sperduti's NYC apartment.

Photo by Gieves Anderson

"Playing with these elements is endlessly inspirational and is what has drawn me to The Inside from day one." -- Anthony Sperduti

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