Our doe-inspired Fawn print is quickly becoming a cult favorite and a Mix it Like a Pro staple. See how to decorate with it three ways.

With French Blues

Fabrics: Fawn, Ocean Velvet, Husk Linen, French Blue Clarence Stripe

Courtesy of The Inside

For a serene and classic look that's perfect for a bedroom, try mixing Fawn with our our French Blue Clarence Stripe, Husk Linen, and Ocean Velvet.

With Trad Globals

Fabrics: Fawn, Indigo Ikat Stripe, Navy Velvet, Vintage Patchwork

Courtesy of The Inside

For a chic, layered living room with an eclectic-trad vibe, try mixing Fawn with our Ikat Stripe, Navy Velvet, and Vintage Patchwork.

With a Pop of Yellow

Fabrics: Fawn, Navy Cabana Stripe, Canary Velvet, Yellow Belle du Jour by Clare V.

Courtesy of The Inside

Try using Fawn as a neutral, and let the other patterns and colors pop!

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