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The Perfect Small Bedroom Layout

The average apartment bedroom is 11 feet by 12 feet, but legally speaking, a bedroom only needs to 70 square feet(!). Don't worry--there's always a way to make it work.

Courtesy of The Inside

Urban life has many perks: access to great culture and nightlife, reliable public transportation, inspiring architecture, and a constant pulse of activity. But when it comes to living, urbanites are often presented with some real design challenges. For example, how in the world do you fit a queen size bed and ample storage into a tiny bedroom? I'll tell you.

The Classic Floor Plan

This floor plan is all about symmetry. Matching bedside dressers and lamps flank each side of the queen bed, creating a pulled-together look and providing ample storage. This plan also allows for a tall armoire for more clothing and shoe storage. I love sourcing vintage armoires on Etsy like this one, and it's simple to install a basic hang bar if you want to use it as a closet.

The Modern Floor Plan

Let's say the view outside your window is not, well, ideal. Try floating the bed in front of windows and opt for low bedside tables and light-feeling lamps, like our Co-Founder and CEO did with her bedroom. You can also incorporate a large plant like a tropical palm, so that you still wake up to greenery. By placing the bed in front of the windows, this floor plan opens up the large wall for a double dresser, providing plenty of storage for clothing, etc.

The Cozy Floor Plan

Sometimes in an apartment bedroom, it's about pushing your bed into the corner and creating a cozy nook like this. Try installing a wall-mounted sconce in the corner and layering an antique runner on top of a sisal rug to really play up the hygge factor. By pushing the bed in the corner, you will free up a lot of floor space to accommodate an armoire AND a double dresser.

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