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Dear Ivy: Where Should I Install Wallpaper?

Wondering where to apply a fun wallcovering? We are here to help.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

While we are firm believers that wallpaper can make a statement anywhere, we've rounded up our top suggestions for the newbies. If you're just beginning your love affair with wallpaper, look no further.

Behind Your Bed

Photo: Cody Guilfoyle, Courtesy of Domino

There's something about a patterned backdrop that makes jumping into bed more exciting. Especially if it's this iconic Scalamandré Zebra pattern (which we may or may not be bringing to you next week). We love how Edith Young, a "Mix It Like A Pro" veteran, makes a statement in her bedroom.

As a Backsplash

Photo: Ivy Zhang

I just installed the Grey Geo By Christene Barberich as my backsplash. I love the way this pattern feels like tile and adds a geometric pop to an otherwise basic rental apartment kitchen. Our papers are removable, so they're perfect for renters.

Closet Backdrop

Simply put, wallpaper looks great in closets! Adding a wall-covering will complete your dressing room and make you excited to get ready in the morning.

Powder Room Play

Powder rooms are typically small, so applying paper to the walls can create a jewel-box effect. The powder room is often the bathroom that guests will use, so why not make it special and memorable?

Don't Forget The Ceiling

Sometimes the ceiling is the best place for paper. We like how unexpected it feels. Very #beyondthebeige.

Take a risk, and try some removable wallpaper. If you don't like it, you can always peel it off. We think you'll fall in love with it—it's one of the best (and most inexpensive) ways to transform a space.

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