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The Stylish Shoebox: 3 Ways to Maximize Space in a Studio

Just because you are low on square footage, doesn't mean you can't have it all.

A studio apartment is more than a single room combining living, dining, and bedroom; it's your self-contained world. But it's no secret that fitting everything can be a design challenge. When considering any floor plan, the first thing to ask yourself is: how do I live, and what's important to me? For instance, maybe you love to host people for an annual Oscars viewing party, or maybe you work from home and need an office. Just because you live in a studio, doesn't mean you can't do both.

Read on to see one studio, three ways.

Separate the Living and Sleeping Spaces

In this floor plan, there are three key zones for dining, living, and sleeping. This plan is great for someone who likes to host a few friends but wants to avoid feeling like everyone is in their bedroom. By using a screen as a partition, the bedroom area is clearly defined. The plan also allows for ample storage in both the living and sleeping areas.

Make the Bed the Focal Point 

This plan is perfect for the person who needs a designated work area. By floating the bed in the center, the area behind the bed remains open for a desk and a matching pair of low bookcases with lamps, providing both storage and a decorative moment. If you really want to separate the study area from the bedroom, you could select a pair of screens behind the headboard, a classic decorator move. Another go-to designer move: placing a small sofa and table at the end of the bed. In this instance, the sofa also functions as dining seating.

Make Storage the Priority

A classic studio arrangement, this plan is perfect for the person who needs the space to work hard. Drawing inspiration from Tori Mellott's studio, which was published in Domino in 2006, it features a bedroom that's separated from the desk by an open storage bookcase. The classic, budget-friendly option is the IKEA Kallax, but there are many others out there. If you have the budget, we suggest a Vitsoe system with a built-in feeling that spans from floor to ceiling.

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