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2019 Home Decor Trends, According to the Pros

We asked some of our favorite design pros for their tips on how to freshen up in 2019.

Photo: Virginia Macdonald, Courtesy of Anne Hepfer

I absolutely love the shifting energy a new year brings. Whether it offers a fresh start or the opportunity to embrace change, a new year invites us to celebrate a new version of ourselves. Oftentimes, this change begins with a refresh of the space in which we live. Read on to find out how some of our favorite design pros are reimagining home in 2019 – from embracing maximalism to reviving the 1970s (one of my favorite decades ;)).

Add Some Punch

Photo: Brittany Ambridge

After several seasons of white and beige interiors, Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez of Dekar Design are ready for some color. "We love a punchy orange. It feels refreshing and really energizing and can still be paired with lovely neutrals."

Adopt  the "More is More" Mantra

Photo: Virginia Macdonald

According to interior designer Anne Hepfer, 2019 will be the year to embrace maximalism: "Leave behind minimalism and instead pay homage to the more is more maximalism movement." Hepfer believes that those who take risks and trust the creative path will end up with spaces that are more unique, fabulous, timeless, and personal.

Set the Tone

Photo: Anna Routh

Nashville-based interior designer Jessica Stambaugh recommends picking a color and sticking with it: "Rather than a neutral wall, pick a color and commit to it for walls, trim, and a tint for the ceiling. Even if it's fairly toned down, like this muted green living room, it instantly creates a soulful space, and allows for an entirely new context with existing furniture pieces."

Fall in Love with Chocolate

Photo: Jenn Crawley

For the Los Angeles-based interior designer Vanessa Alexander, "brown is the new black." Alexander loves using all shades of brown from espresso to caramel to create deep, rich, and chic interiors. that feel layered and dramatic.

Try an Unexpected Pairing

Courtesy of: Urban Electric Co

If you're anything like Michael Amato, Creative Director of The Urban Electric Co., you usually "steer clear of hot, saturated colors in favor of a cooler palettes." But according to Amato, 2019 will be the year for "bolder colors and surprising pairings" like the blue and red in the photo above.

Embrace Color

​Courtesy of Artistic Tile

"Color, color, color! You're going to see color coming into cabinetry, details, and definitely into backsplashes. People are tired of only white and grey! The emergence of color is impossible to miss – Europe is embracing it, and it's landed in the US as well," says Nancy Epstein, Founder and Creative Director of Artistic Tile.

Opt for Pop 

Courtesy of SONDER Living

According to Martin Waller of Andrew Martin for SONDER Living, "Pop art is everywhere, and Warhol is being touted as the most influential artist of the 20th Century ahead of Picasso, Rothko and Matisse." is a great resource for finding your own Pop Art prints at a real-world price.

Decorate with Decals

Courtesy of Deborah Fribourg

DMF Interiors founder Deborah Fribourg recommends using wall decals as "an easy way to add a funk factor to any plain wall. Plus, they're super easy to apply! (and to remove!)." You can also try removable wallpaper if you are feeling adventurous!

And Again...Embrace Color! 

​Courtesy of Kate Hayes Design

Atlanta-based interior designer Kate Hayes says 2019 is the year to "Get weird, and don't shy away from color. Life is too short, have some fun and enjoy your space!"

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